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Volunteers needed for transplant reunion 
They come from all over the country and around the world to celebrate the new chance they've been given at life. They come to reunite with health care professionals and friends they met while staying at the hospital. They come for a day of fun and to keep their minds off their illness. This year's theme is "Treasure Island Awaits You at the Solid Organ Transplant Reunion." The 2007 Solid Organ Transplant Reunion will be held Saturday, July 28 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, 72nd and Grover streets. The all-day event is for current and former solid organ transplant patients and their families to reunite with friends and staff they met while at the hospital and enjoy educational sessions, fun activities, food and more. More than 800 people are expected to attend this year's event. Many volunteers are needed to help make it a success. Volunteers are needed to assist with children's activities, registration, photographs and T-shirt sales and more. Volunteers can sign-up online at The Nebraska Medical Center intranet home page. Questions can be directed to Jennifer Kock at 559-6918. All volunteers will receive a 2007 Transplant Reunion T-shirt.

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