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Registration deadline for epilepsy conference Sept. 7 
A conference titled "Recent Advances in the Management of Epilepsy: Adult and Pediatric," will be held Friday, Sept. 14 at the Qwest Center. The conference -- the first of its kind in the region -- is being organized by the Heartland Epilepsy Alliance, a coalition of six university epilepsy centers that have come together to further research, education and clinical care of epilepsy in the region. In addition to UNMC, the other universities involved in the alliance are:
  • The University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita;
  • The University of Kentucky-Louisville;
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison;
  • The Medical College of Wisconsin; and
  • The University of Iowa.
All six institutions are home to level 4 epilepsy centers -- the highest designation such centers can achieve. The registration deadline for the conference is Sept. 7. Click here to see more about the conference or contact Diane Frost at 559-5145 for more information including registration details.

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