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Steam shutdown Sept. 28 
UNMC Facilities Management and Planning Department has scheduled a shutdown of the Central Utility Plant and steam distribution system for Friday, Sept. 28 beginning at 8 p.m. This shutdown is necessary to provide an opportunity to conduct maintenance, repair and modification activities within the Central Utility Plant and the steam distribution system. The shutdown will render steam operated sterilizers, autoclaves, humidifiers and food preparation equipment inoperative on both the North and South Campuses. Domestic hot water temperatures will be significantly lower than normal and some difficulty in maintaining space temperatures may be expected. Clarkson facilities and J.P. Lord School will be notified by UNMC Facilities Management and Planning Department prior to the shutdown and restart of the boilers to insure that these areas are prepared for this activity. Unless weather conditions or other requirements dictate, the shutdown will last for approximately 11 hours. Should you have any questions or if an emergency arises, please contact either Darren Dageforde at 559-5278 or Paul Hathaway at 559-6845.

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