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Memberships to Omaha Press Club available for $60 
The Omaha Press Club is offering individual memberships to employees at UNMC, The Nebraska Medical Center and UNMC Physicians at the low annual rate of $60 per person. The low rate is possible thanks to the University of Nebraska purchasing a corporate membership in the Press Club. The corporate membership does include a $30 quarterly minimum usage fee, if you don't use the club. However, if you use the club and incur $30 or more in charges during the quarter, there is no minimum charged. The normal yearly rate for an associate membership is $516. Located at 16th and Dodge streets on the 22nd floor of the First National Center, the Omaha Press Club has a restaurant and bar and offers a spectacular panoramic view of Omaha. The club provides a monthly noon forum series featuring topics of interest as well as professional development workshops. For more information on the OPC, visit the Web at www.omahapressclub.org/. For membership inquiries, contact Tom O'Connor, UNMC public affairs, at 559-4690 or toconnor@unmc.edu. O'Connor is a member of the Omaha Press Club Membership & Marketing Committee.

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