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Abstracts sought for International Student Forum participation 
Students from all colleges are being asked to submit abstracts by Friday, Feb. 22 to participate in the 2008 International Student Forum, which UNMC is hosting during the first week of June. The annual forum allows the students to share their research and culture with others from around the world. This year, students from Japan, China, Australia and India get to see what's going on here in Omaha as they take part in the forum, which will be held on campus on June 2 and 3. UNMC's Asia Pacific Rim Development Program is coordinating this year's conference and is now accepting abstracts from students wishing to participate. UNMC students from every college and departmental area are encouraged to apply in order to represent fully represent research at the medical center. Students will be selected based upon scoring by a panel composed of students from programs throughout campus. Scoring will emphasize the organization and clarity of the scientific argument and writing. The abstract submission deadline is Friday, Feb. 22. Abstract guidelines and additional forum information can be found on the forum Web site. Students selected to participate will take part in forum events as well as give a 15-minute oral presentation. Awards will be given to outstanding presentations during the forum. The awards would include a plaque and cash awards and options for going to next year's international forum, which will again be held outside the United States.

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