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Donors needed for March 6 blood drive 
A special call for blood donors who didn't participate in the Jan. 17 drive at The Nebraska Medical Center is being sent out by organizers of a March 6 drive at the UNMC Center for Healthy Living. Because of scheduling overlap, donors who participated in the January drive will not be able to participate in the March 6 drive because the Red Cross-mandated 56-day span will not have passed between donations. This means many people who regularly give at all drives will not be able to participate on March 6. About 80 donors are needed to help meet the drive's goal of 66 units of blood. The Red Cross has an electronic scheduling system that will be used for this drive. Those wishing to donate can schedule appointments for the drive at http://givebloodgivelife.org. Participants can find the UNMC drive by first clicking on our region and then entering the UNMC drive sponsor code -- which is 1199 -- or by entering an Omaha ZIP code (68198) and scrolling down to the UNMC drive on March 6. The Red Cross will provide taxi service for those who need a ride across campus to donate. Also, gift bags stuffed with T-shirts will be raffled off during the blood drive. Those desiring a "taxi ride" to the drive or who are experiencing problems with the registration Web site can call Peter Pellerito for assistance at 559-5253.

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