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Integrative Organ Systems Pharmacology short course fees reduced for UNMC researchers 
An NIH-sponsored two-week short course on Integrative and Organ Systems Pharmacology will be taught on the UNMC and Creighton campuses from June 2 through 13 this year. The deadline for off-campus applications has passed and a few slots remain. We are making these remaining slots available to UNMC graduate students, postdocs or faculty for a reduced rate of only $300. Details on the course and the online application form are available at www.unmc.edu/iosp. The course includes basic information on the use of animal models and intact tissue preparations in biomedical research with an emphasis on neuro-behavioral and cardiovascular systems and assays. There is an emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiences, with supporting didactic training. The last two days of the course are spent on a more intense individualized elective experience with one system of particular interest to each student. This training and skills set is designed to better prepare the students for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and to promote more integrative and translational research at academic research institutions. For more information, contact Myron Toews at mtoews@unmc.edu or 559-7197, or David Bylund at dbylund@unmc.edu or 559-4788.

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