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Wittson Hall fire alarm testing May 28 
On Wednesday, May 28 from 11 a.m. to noon, UNMC will conduct some retest work on the fire alarm acceptance test with the State Fire Marshal for the Gross Anatomy renovation. Some portions will be retested due to problems on May 27 that could not be immediately rectified. Testing will include operation/verification of audible/visible fire alarms on level 2 only of Wittson Hall. Proper operation/verification of audible/visible alarms should not take more than 15 minutes. Shutdown of new air handler No. 7 that serves the GA area also will be required for this test. Controls shop personnel will be on hand to make sure that pressure relationships are monitored in the animal area. Please note that portions of the existing/new fire detection and alarm systems may be momentarily disabled at times during the testing. During this time, the contractor will be performing a "fire watch" of the disabled fire alarm zone. Any occupants of Wittson Hall that observe or smell smoke and/or fire should immediately call UNMC Security Dispatch at 559-5555. For more information, contact Brian Dykstra at 559-1977 or Nick Combs at 559-5292.

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