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SAGH selling pins to raises AIDS awareness 
The Student Alliance for Global Health (SAGH) is selling $5 beaded pins for AIDS awarenessness in conjunction with FACE AIDS and Partners in Health (PIH). SAGH will sell the pins during the lunch hours in Wittson Hall. The proceeds from 15 pins can send a child to school for one year. FACE AIDS works with people in Rwanda and Zambia to make the pins. Each pin-maker is either living with HIV/AIDS or cares for someone who is HIV positve. PIH uses the proceeds from the pin sales to bring quality medical care to the rural poor by building new clinics, training community health workers and providing much needed testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS. Each $5 sale is matched with another $5 from private donors. The pin comes with a card that tells the story of one of the pin makers. Click here for more information about the pin sales, the pin makers, FACE AIDS, and Partners in Health. Click here to see a video about FACE AIDS. To order a pin and have it sent to you directly, send your name and campus mailing address, along with $5 (payable to SAGH) to IS&P, ZIP 5735.

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