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Elevator shutdowns in parking lot No. 50 Feb. 12 
On Thursday, Feb. 12, "normal" 13.8 kV electrical power to UNMC's parking lot structure No. 50 will be de-energized from approximately 9 a.m. until noon. As a result, elevator Nos. 94 and 95 (i.e., the east and west elevator cars) and No. 96 (i.e. the elevator serving OPPD) in Parking Lot Structure No. 50 will be shut down for approximately three hours. The passenger elevators will be out of service during this time as well as most of the parking lot lighting. Only "emergency" lighting circuits required for life safety reasons will be illuminated during this time. Please contact Dan Michalak at 559-5048 or Nick Combs at 559-529 for more information.

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