Wellness Wednesday -- Thanksgiving calorie counter

So I used this About.com "Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator" a few years back to predict my Thanksgiving food intake.

Based on my responses that day, I was set to consume 2,690 calories, which meant I would have had to run 26.9 miles (more than a marathon) to burn that off.

A couple years wiser

I tried the calculator again on Tuesday to see if my planned calorie intake had decreased since the last time. After I checked off my food choices, the magic calculator said, "That comes to 2,190 calories. You will need to walk 21.9 miles, 35.32 kilometers, or 43,800 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps."

So that's progress right?

Your turn

Anyway, give the calculator a try to see what you plan to do Thursday. Maybe, just maybe, it'll make us think twice before we go for seconds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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