Be careful what you click

The UNMC ITS Helpdesk reports campus staff have recently encountered many scams, spam messages and email viruses.

Unless you are sure a link is legitimate, DO NOT click. Some of the links send spam messages to everyone in your address book.

Here are some tips to protect you and your coworkers from these cyber hazards:

  • Do NOT click on links in messages that look suspicious, even if it is from someone you know. Their email address was probably "spoofed." Many times you can hover over links without clicking, which shows to true URL. Many of those URLs are long unrecognizable text, which is a giveaway to a scam.
  • Do NOT provide any personal information (passwords, ID numbers such as student IDs, patient IDs, social security numbers, bank account numbers).
  • If you receive strange messages that appear to be spammed, just delete the messages.


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