Quiz challenge answer and winners

Congratulations to Can Erdem, M.D., a house officer in the department of surgery, who was the first person to correctly respond to the question below (answer in bold).

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In 2006, Stephen Rennard, M.D., was named UNMC's first Scientist Laureate.
Which of the following UNMC investigators was the first UNMC Scientist Laureate?
  • A. Irving Zucker, Ph.D.
  • B. Howard Gendelman, M.D.
  • C. Stephen Rennard, M.D.
  • D. Shelley Smith, Ph.D.

The Scientist Laureate Award is the highest honor UNMC bestows upon its researchers. Dr. Rennard -- Larson professor of internal medicine-pulmonary medicine and a world-renowned researcher of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- received the first Scientist Laureate Award in 2006.

Here is a complete list of UNMC's Scientist Laureates:

  • 2006 -- Stephen Rennard, M.D.;
  • 2007 -- Irving Zucker, Ph.D.;
  • 2008 -- Howard Gendelman, M.D.;
  • 2009 -- Alexander "Sasha" Kabanov, Ph.D.;
  • 2010 -- Shelley Smith, Ph.D.; and
  • 2011 -- Tony Hollingsworth, Ph.D.


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