Icon quiz challenge results

Image with file name: Icon911.jpg
Congratulations to Laurie Jackson of UNMC Physicians, who was the first person to correctly answer the question below (answer in bold).

Fill in the blank -- the upward slope of the lines symbolizes the growth of UNMC and mimics the physical contours of the ____________________?

  • A. Twin Durham Research Center Towers
  • B. Nebraska Medical Center Sheild
  • C. University of Nebraska Logo

Jackson really knows about the icon. This is the second time she has won a quiz challenge on the subject. Anyway, here is more information about the icon:

  • The movement of the right lines represents UNMC's momentum;
  • The way the two sets of lines come together is meant to emulate the shield of UNMC's hospital partner -- The Nebraska Medical Center; and
  • The icon is loosely shaped as both a 'U' -- for university -- and a 'V' for the medical center's vitality.


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