Openings remain for Foundations for Success course

Managers can still nominate employees for the Foundations for Success career development series.

The dates of course's four sessions are:

  • Feb. 13;
  • March 13;
  • April 10; and
  • May 8.

The series is open to UNMC Office/Service employees who have been nominated by managers or supervisors.

Nominees must:

  • Have been employed at UNMC for one year;
  • Be employed full time;
  • Have excellent performance in their current job; and
  • Commit to attend all four sessions.

The goals of the program are:

  • To provide an opportunity for employees to acquire knowledge and skills that will enhance job performance, maximize career potential and bring value to UNMC;
  • Provide leadership tools that focus on influencing others to produce desired results with a focus on collaboration, communication and change management;
  • Provide employees with conflict resolution skills that can be applied in a one-on-one and team environment; and
  • Provide tools to help employees form a balanced plan of action to meet personal and professional needs.

Nomination forms can be found online. Send completed forms to Nicole Krom, ZIP 5470. Contact Krom at nmkrom@unmc.edu or at 559-6020 for more information.


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