UNMC LiveGreen - A greener Super Bowl party

Image with file name: GoldFootballFallFest2011.jpg
Whether you sport the San Francisco 49ers' red and gold or the Baltimore Ravens' black and purple, you can make sure your Super Bowl Party is all green if you follow these tips from the UNMC LiveGreen:
  • Make homemade dips, snacks and party food with locally grown ingredients. This also will eliminate packaging materials.
  • Make your own pizza instead of delivery.
  • Send out invitations electronically.
  • If you purchase a new television for the big game, buy an Energy Star certified television and don't forget to recycle the old television.
  • Use compostable paper products.
  • Use silverware instead of plastic ware.
  • Serve filtered water in pitchers instead of bottled water.
  • Make sure recycle bins are available.
  • Decorate with old footballs and other sports gear. Reuse the next year.


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