Campus group improves UNMC website

Web developers, employees and I.T. experts collaborate to initiate adjustments to UNMC's website as part of an ongoing web advisory group. The group discusses website best practices and makes recommendations for site improvement.

"It started with a request from many on campus to have more involvement in decisions about web design, navigation and features," said Dan Moser, associate director of Information Technology Services and co-chair of the web advisory group.

The group includes representatives from UNMC's colleges and campus units.

The web advisory group's priorities include:

  • Responsive web design: This is the ability for a website to display nicely on a variety of platforms like computers, iPads and smart phones;
  • Accessibility: The group examined and made changes to colors on the website to increase readability and meet federal mandates; and
  • Additional features: This will enhance flexibility, expand the color palate and integrate multimedia options like videos and blogs.

To make the site more visually appealing, here are examples of changes made to the top bar of the site.


picture disc.


picture disc.

  • Links in tan bar changed from red to black.
  • Search bar and drop down box increased in size.
  • Background of search bar changed to white and pushed to the far right so it remains in the same location on all pages.
  • Information for links increased in size.

"Some of these improvements are based on information gained through usability tests. Our campus purchased a license from a third party vendor to conduct unlimited tests on aspects of the site including navigation. The information from current users and web testing experts has been invaluable," said Stacie Hamel, associate director of web and interactive media and co-chair of the web advisory group.

Members of the group will continue to make gradual changes, focusing on navigation modifications in the next year. Employees can follow upcoming developments in a new website blog.

Suggestions? Contact your web developer

If you have suggestions to improve the web, please contact the web developer in your unit.

Kelly McDonald, director of operations and administration in the College of Nursing and member of the web advisory group, is pleased with the progress that's been made.

"Representatives from I.T. and public relations have listened to us, worked to upgrade Red Dot and created a long-term plan to address concerns. We've been working together for almost a year, and it's amazing what the group has done."