Reporting compliance issues

UNMC has a reputation of integrity and excellence in teaching, research, patient care and outreach. To maintain this reputation, UNMC expects all faculty, staff and students to conform to the highest ethical standards and to understand and comply with laws, regulations and policies related to their duties.

Employees and students who have compliance-related questions or concerns are encouraged to share them as soon as possible using any of the communication channels listed below.

  • Discuss the issue with supervisory personnel or a faculty advisor
  • Contact the department that has subject matter expertise in the area of concern
  • Contact Human Resources at 402-559-5827 for human resources issues
  • Contact the Compliance Office at 402-559-6767
  • Call the UNMC Compliance Hotline at 1-866-568-5430
  • Call the Nebraska Ombudsman's Office at 1-800-742-7690

Issues reported will be investigated and appropriate follow-up actions taken. There will be no retribution or discipline for anyone who reports a concern in good faith.

Download a poster with compliance information to post in your area.