'The Alliance' in focus - Meet Kevin Harkins

Fifty-five members of the UNMC High School Alliance are among the students taking classes at UNMC.

The alliance students come from high schools around the Omaha area and take college-level classes at UNMC to prepare for health careers. Once each month, UNMC Today will profile an alliance student to let us get to know more about these young learners.

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Kevin Harkins
Today we meet Kevin Harkins, a junior at Omaha South Magnet School.

Name: Kevin Harkins

High school: Omaha South Magnet School

Year: Junior

How did you get involved in the alliance?

My favorite teacher told me about the program during my freshman year. I talked with South students that were involved in the program. They loved it and said it was an experience of a lifetime.

What sparked your interest in science?

What truly sparked my interest was my freshmen biology teacher, Mrs. Point. Before being in her class I wanted to be a businessman. She constantly exposed me to interesting and challenging topics related to science. And, she:

  • Explained DNA and the cell cycle - I was amazed at how complicated our cells were and had to know more.
  • Let us dissect fetal pigs.

What are your career aspirations?

I would love to be a pediatric surgeon. I see kids with cancer or other issues and just wish I could do something to help them. If I was a pediatric surgeon, I could help make a little kid feel better.

What has been the best part of your alliance experience?

I really enjoyed pathology class and the subjects we covered. Dr. Talmon was a great teacher and made every day exciting.


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