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Your input is needed for UNMC's 2013 Engagement Survey, which will be administered Feb. 18 through March 4.
The Management Series, the HR Learn@Lunch series and an improved New Employee Orientation are just three examples of how employee feedback has resulted in new or enhanced programs at UNMC. One major source of employee feedback is the UNMC Engagement Survey, which has been completed by employees at UNMC on a biennial basis since 2002.

The UNMC Engagement Survey is a vital tool that is used to measure and understand employee perceptions of the work climate and what motivates employees to succeed. The goal of the survey is to focus UNMC on the key issues that need improvement to drive employee commitment and performance.

The 2013 Engagement Survey will be administered from Feb. 18 through March 4 by a qualified third-party survey organization, Kenexa. No individual responses will ever be shared. Kenexa will tabulate and analyze the data and provide a summary report only. Employees will receive an e-mail from UnmcEngagementSurvey@Kenexa.com which will provide them with a URL they can click on to access the survey. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Through the survey, UNMC wants to ensure that:

  • Everyone is involved in meeting UNMC's brand values.
  • Employees and their managers understand and actively address what most influences employee engagement, motivation, and performance and UNMC's success.
  • Management hears what employees have to say.
  • Everyone understands how important they are to UNMC

"The more participation in the Engagement Survey we have the better the assessment," said John Russell, assistant vice chancellor of human resources. "We strongly encourage everyone to complete the survey."


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