Weekly eTip - Tracking Changes in Word

Question: I need to incorporate several colleagues' edits in a long Word document. Can you recommend an easy way to do this?

Many UNMC staff and students have discovered the wonderful "tracking changes" feature in Word. If those editing a document use this feature, it will mark notations on the document of anything that has been inserted, deleted, or modified, and you can simply accept or reject the change.

However, if those editing haven't used tracking changes you can still take advantage of this feature by using Word's "Compare" or "Combine" option found under the Reviewing tab in Word. It allows you to compare a revised document with your original, and it displays tracking changes codes, making editing a document much easier.

Learn how to use tracking changes and other essential and powerful Word features (such as tabs/tables, mail merge, headers/footers) in "Beyond the Basics of Word" on Wednesday, Feb. 6 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the ITS training room - Wittson Hall, Room 8011. You can register for this session by emailing csttrain@unmc.edu or online at Employee Services and click the Education-My Registrations link.