Prescription card reminder

Just a friendly reminder to those enrolled in the University of Nebraska, Blue Cross Blue Shield medical benefits: Your Blue Cross Blue Shield card cannot be used for your prescriptions.

CVS Caremark is the provider the University uses for prescription coverage. CVS does not send out prescription cards, instead, you must print your CVS prescription cards by going to www.nebraska.edu/benefits. Follow the enclosed instructions to navigate the site:

  • Click on the Benefit Forms link
  • Click on the CVS Caremark Identification Card. This will allow a PDF of the card to appear.
  • Print the card.

The ID number is a nine-digit number starting with three or four zeros and followed by your personnel number.

Examples: 000012345 or 000123456

Your personnel number can be found in the upper left hand corner of your paystub which can be found in Firefly (firefly.nebraska.edu) under Employee Self Service (ESS).

If you would like more information about CVS Prescription benefits or have other benefits related questions, please visit our website at www.nebraska.edu/benefits.