UNMC LiveGreen - Decathlon activities can be green too

picture disc.Studies indicate that green exercise, which is physical activity in the presence of nature, leads to positive short and long-term health outcomes.

So, take advantage of the UNMC Decathlon, which runs through April 14, and go green with your exercise activities. You will not only improve your self-esteem and mood, you also will help the environment.

Try these LiveGreen/Decathlon-related activities:

  • Walk or bike to work and save fuel and emissions.
  • Exercise outdoors - run the trails, do yoga in the sun, complete errands by bike and bring your own bag.
  • Develop a stretching routine you can do outside on your deck or patio.
  • Start a small garden in your yard this spring.
  • If stuck inside, take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators and save electricity.
  • If you exercise indoors, position yourself in front of a window with a pleasant view.
  • Play outdoors with your children and/or pets.
  • Socialize with friends during a walk through the neighborhood. Pick up liter along the way.
  • Open the door yourself, rather than pushing the button! (Saves power.)


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