UNMC Decathlon - Try a fitness class or video

picture disc.This week, flash your UNMC Winter Activity Decathlon pamphlet/passport for free entree to a fitness class at the Center for Healthy Living.

It's week three of the 10-week challenge - the perfect time to participate in an instructor-led class or utilize a video, like P90X or Insanity.

And, if you haven't yet entered, time is running out to register online by Feb. 25 and be eligible for a cool long-sleeve T-shirt.

The 10-week challenge is for UNMC employees, and is designed to increase activity and show us the activity options that are available on campus. Participants can choose from easy, moderate and difficult activities, or develop their own activities.

But most weeks feature a group activity, if that's more your speed.

Keep watching UNMC Today for more, or go to www.unmc.edu/decathlon. Questions? Email cfhladmin@unmc.edu.


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