New tool available for organizational metrics

A new resource called the Analytics Request Tool (ART) is available to request information related to patient care.

Created by the Continuous Quality Improvement and The Nebraska Medical Center IT departments, the tool provides a formalized process to request, track and validate the varying requests for organizational metrics. Examples of past requests include:

  • Specific clinic readmission rates,
  • Referral reports,
  • Patients of primary care physicians and
  • Patient menu orders.

Many requests are for data to support One Chart projects.

Role of the Enterprise Analytics team

The Enterprise Analytics Team will work on requests as they are initiated. Each request will be reviewed to determine if a current solution exists or could simply be modified to meet the request. If a current solution does not exist, the request will be prioritized and added to the request queue.

"Our customers should not be concerned with finding the source of the data being requested," says Lauren Tietgen, lead, Enterprise Analytics. "This is where the Enterprise Analytics Team comes in. We will determine the best source of the data being requested, as well as the best delivery format that helps our customers best use the information for decision making."

Requests go through stages

When the request reaches the development stage, an analytics member will determine if all information is needed to develop the solution. If more information is needed, the requestor may be contacted by an assigned team member.

Upon completion of development, the request will move to a validation stage. In this stage, the requestor will be contacted by an assigned analytics member to conduct testing and validation for the solution. When the requestor is satisfied with the solution, the request will be closed and considered complete.

Submit a request

To submit a request, access the Create Work Request button on the hospital's intranet homepage (CQI Work Requests section) or the Continuous Quality Improvement homepage. Learn more about the tool, as well as access via a direct link.

The tool offers links to contact the Analytics Team at anytime during the request and development process. Send questions to EnterpriseAnalytics@nebraskamed.com.


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