Lookin' at U -- Rick Blum

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Each Thursday, we randomly feature a medical center employee.

This week, we learn more about Rick Blum, an administrator in obstetrics/gynecology.

Name: Rick Blum
Hometown: Walnut, Iowa
Number of years at UNMC: Only 29

Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC.

I'm the administrator for the department of OB/GYN and the Olson Center for Women's Health. I do my best to contribute to our management team, taking care of our valuable resources - faculty and staff - so they can do what they do in support of our mission. Working together is one of UNMC's brand values.

Tell us of a time you witnessed a group working together to promote excellence at UNMC.

I see this happen daily at UNMC. A single patient in our women's center, for instance, may be treated by a team of folks (in a single visit) including parking valet, docent, waiting room attendant, receptionist, financial counselor, medical assistant, social worker, nutritionist, genetic counselor, ultrasonographer, registered nurse, medical student, resident physician, and physician assistant, all overseen by attending faculty physician specialists. And those are just the folks who have direct contact with the patient and their family. There also are several people working to support them behind the scenes. We do indeed provide extraordinary care, and it is ENTIRELY about teamwork!

What is your favorite winter activity?

As the father of a high school girl, we enjoy attending all of her various activities - sports, music, etc. This is true whether it's winter or summer. I also enjoy reading, watching sports on TV, and am a bit of a nut with home improvement. It will be a sad day when we are finished with renovating our old house.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • My wife, Gwen, and I have hosted two foreign exchange students. We still consider them family although they now live in Austria and Bolivia.
  • I live in the Omaha suburb of Walnut, Iowa (pop 800).
  • I recently completed my first feature-length video documentary, a product of my interest in history and a 10-year hobby as an amateur video editor.