UNMC Decathlon - Climb The Lied Transplant Center

picture disc.Say no to elevators. Run away from escalators. As the UNMC Winter Decathlon enters Week Seven, meet up for a climb up the stairs at The Lied Transplant Center, instead.

Interested participants can meet today at noon (Monday, March 18) at the tower's lowest level for an invigorating climb.

While the 10-week challenge encourages participants to eschew elevators and escalators anyway, the group climb is another opportunity to bond with fellow campus "decathletes."

The decathlon is for UNMC employees, and is designed to increase activity and show us the activity options that are available on campus. Participants can choose from easy, moderate and difficult activities, or develop their own activities.

Exercise is often more fun if it's a group activity, rather than a chore. While The Lied Transplant Center climb is in itself good exercise for beginners who pace themselves, those looking for a challenge can set a goal of reaching the top in three minutes or less.

The UNMC Winter Decathlon is in its stretch run. Keep watching UNMC Today for more, or go to www.unmc.edu/decathlon. Questions? Email cfhladmin@unmc.edu.