UNMC LiveGreen - Foiled again!

If you hear Carolyn Schaeffer, Ph.D., say "catch," you better think fast. The graduate student in Paul Fey's Pathology & Microbiology laboratory may be throwing you a 4-pound ball of aluminum foil.

picture disc.
Carolyn Schaeffer, Ph.D.
Dr. Schaeffer began collecting used pieces of aluminum foil from the lab - that otherwise would have gone in the trash - about four months ago.

"I did it to raise awareness that aluminum foil is recyclable on campus," said the LiveGreen team member.

She's even purchased aluminum nails to hold it together yet maintain its recyclable status.

Dr. Schaeffer isn't sure how big she's going to let the ball get before she eventually recycles it, but for now, it's a fun project for her and her lab mates.

It's something other labs on campus can do as well. Whether they want to make a ball, another shape or just place used pieces in the blue bins, the recycling of aluminum foil on campus is encouraged.