Beth Beninato: Proud to play a part

This is the final article in a series of four highlighting employees who support I'm Proud To Play A Part, the employee contribution initiative benefiting the Ambulatory Care Center and Cancer Center Campus.

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Beth Beninato is Proud to Play a Part in supporting the new Ambulatory Care Center and Cancer Center Campus.
When her mother was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix four years ago, Beth Beninato never doubted where she would take her for treatment. She does wonder, however, if she would have known where to go if she didn't work for a doctor who treats rare cancers.

Beninato, a nurse case manager for GI Oncology at The Nebraska Medical Center, has now been on both sides of the cancer coin and feels the new center will be a dream come true for patients and staff.

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"The medical profession is ever changing and there are so many new treatments each day," says Beninato. "There is great competition within the United States for cancer care. I am excited to be able to proudly say I work for a nationally recognized, patient-focused comprehensive cancer network. Right here in your backyard."

Beninato began working for The Nebraska Medical Center in 2004. After spending two years on 5 West, a co-worker suggested she apply for a position in oncology.

"There is a big difference between trauma and oncology," says Beninato. "Our goal is to help patients maintain their quality of life and make it to their next birthday. I feel oncology patients are the most gracious in the medical world."

And this includes her mom. After her one-year struggle, Beninato's mom has been cancer free for three years.

Because of Beninato's line of work and journey with her mom's illness, she is proud to play a part in the employee giving campaign.

"Every dollar makes a difference," Beninato says. "If you aren't able to give financially, volunteer your time or ideas. You or a loved one may need this service down the road."

I'm Proud To Play A Part is managed by the University of Nebraska Foundation.