Wellness Wednesday - Decathlon wrapup

TriExercise talks continue Thursday

The next TriExercise Talk is from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday in the Olson Center for Women's Health classroom on the fourth floor of the Durham Outpatient Center. Nancy Lennarson, triathlete and coach, will discuss the challenges that we all face when we try to find the time to exercise. She also will provide tips and solutions on how to overcome them.

To register, call 559-6345. Feel free to bring your lunch. A fun giveaway also will be handed out.

It's time to pick up your T-shirts -- and see if you might need a smaller size than you did 10 weeks ago.

Those who completed the UNMC Winter Activity Decathlon - who did an activity a week for 10 weeks - get to pick up their winners' T-shirts this Friday at the event's completion.

The decathlon was a challenge for UNMC employees, designed to increase activity and show us the activity options that are available on campus.

The "closing ceremonies" will kick off Friday, April 12, at noon at the Durham Outpatient Center. Those attending can take part in one last activity, a group walk across campus to the Center for Healthy Living. There, those who turn in their completed activity pamphlet/passports can collect the cool long-sleeve shirts reserved for UNMC's accomplished decathletes.

Participants can also pick up shirts any time on Friday with a completed passport, said Peter Pellerito, CFHL fitness specialist.

Pellerito said the decathlon was a good excuse to get moving, for those of us who spend most of our days working at a desk.

"If we didn't have our hunter-gatherer bodies that were created to move, we wouldn't have a problem," he said. "But unfortunately, activity isn't automatic anymore, the way it was even 25 years ago. These days, for many of us, it's about making and taking opportunities for activity when we can get them."


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