Lookin' at U - Kathy Stejskal

Image with caption: Kathy Stejskal
Kathy Stejskal
Each Thursday, we randomly feature a medical center employee. This week, we learn about Kathy Stejskal, a child care worker at the Child Development Center.

  • Name: Kathy Stejskal
  • Hometown: Wahoo, Neb.
  • No. of years at UNMC: 22

Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC.
I take care of kids. I take care of babies. I enjoy it. I've been here forever.

Leadership is one of UNMC's brand values. Tell us of a time you witnessed a person or group providing leadership at UNMC.
I work with good people. I can always talk to my bosses about anything, family or work, and they will always be there to help with anything.

What is your favorite spring activity?
Walking and walking my dog.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • Everybody knows everything about me!
  • I have a lot of animals at home: two cats, Fergus and Blanco, two fish and a dog, Gracey.
  • I have a Med Center shirt for every color of the rainbow. I alternate them out by seasons.


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Aleta Gaertner
May 23, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Kathy is a fantastic teacher at the UNMC CDC. She, like many of the other teaches, does so much more than simply babysit. She enriches their growth and development. It is apparent from her smiling face and body language that she truly loves caring for the children. It is great to see this recognition in print.