Lecture to focus on surgery - in space

Image with caption: George Pantalos, Ph.D.
George Pantalos, Ph.D.
George Pantalos, Ph.D., doesn't speak on heavy topics.

In fact, he focuses on weightless ones.

On Aug. 20, the Center for Advanced Surgical Technology (CAST) will present Dr. Pantalos, professor of surgery and bioengineering at the University of Louisville, as he speaks on "The Development and Evaluation of a Hermetic Surgical System for Reduced Gravity."

Dr. Pantalos, a veteran of 29 zero-gravity missions aboard NASA's parabolic flight aircraft, is developing an "aqueous immersion surgical system" to stop bleeding and contain fluids to make emergency surgery practical in space.

A member of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, a partnership between the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital, he is also responsible for developing a modified zero-gravity heart resuscitation procedure that is now a routine part of astronaut training.

Dr. Pantalos will speak from 3 to 4 p.m. Tuesday at Wittson Hall, Room 3042. His presentation is open to the entire campus. Reservations are not required.


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