Student spotlight - Meet Li Zheng

Image with caption: Li Zheng
Li Zheng
Education is one of the four pillars of UNMC's mission, and our students are the lifeblood of that aspect of campus life.

In UNMC Today's Student Spotlight, we get to know some of these students, who will become tomorrow's health care professionals. Today we meet Li Zheng, a Ph.D. student in neuroscience.

  • Name: Li Zheng
  • Hometown: Qinhuangdao, China
  • Program/Year: First-year Ph.D. student in neuroscience

List three songs on your playlist.

  • "Sometimes in The Sky," by Charlie Mars
  • "Valder Fields," by Tamas Wells
  • "Love Story," by Taylor Swift

How did you fall in love with neuroscience?
I've been a neuroscience enthusiast for the last few years. Rapid advances in technology combined with knowledge about how the nervous system works is an interesting and quickly growing area. Neural stem cells have the potential to give rise to cells that differentiate into neurons, thus treatments for neurodegenerative disease show promise and face obstacles. I am very happy to explore the unknown and overcome difficulties because it would benefit lots of people if we could find new ways to treat those diseases.

Your favorite study snack is:
Fruits. Strawberry or cherry would be my first choice.

Your favorite app is:
Anki. It helps me remember things easily. It's a very useful app when you are learning a new language or preparing for your exams.

Three things people may not know about you:

  • My hometown is a very beautiful seashore city in China.
  • I love gymnastics a lot! I have a photo taken with the women's balance beam champion of the London Olympics.
  • If I could choose another major, I would say journalism and mass communication.


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