Student spotlight - Meet Caryn Vincent

Image with caption: Caryn Vincent
Caryn Vincent
Education is one of the four pillars of UNMC's mission, and our students are the lifeblood of that aspect of campus life.

In UNMC Today's Student Spotlight, we get to know some of these students, who will become tomorrow's health care professionals. Today we meet:.

  • Name: Caryn Vincent
  • Hometown: York, Neb.
  • Program: Public health, second year

List three songs on your playlist.

  • "Roar," by Katy Perry
  • "Rolling in the Deep," by Adele
  • "Ring the Bells," by Satellite

What sparked your interest in public health?
I started my undergraduate career as a pre-medical student, but through a series of summer programs and internships through college I was able to explore the wide scope of the field of public health and see all that it could offer me. Through those programs, I figured out that public health was the right fit for me. Working with a youth-mentoring program in college really made up my mind, because this was the first real opportunity I had to see the importance of public health in action -- the importance of good nutrition on a family's health, how a child's environment impacts their development and the real life impacts of not always being able to access medical care. That confirmed my decision to go into public health and do the best I can to help improve the public's health in Nebraska and beyond.

Your favorite study snack is:

Your favorite app is:

Three things people may not know about you:

  • I'm running my first half marathon -- in Las Vegas -- later this month.
  • I'm in a music video. A coworker and I remade the Macklemore "Thrift Shop" video earlier this year to promote the thrift store we worked in.
  • I take tap dance lessons at the Omaha Community Playhouse.


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Selaba Travis
November 15, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Caryn, you're so multitalented. Very fun to see the Blue Flamingo video!