Seeing green: New recycle bins pop up throughout campus

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Prior to this week, it was hard to find a recycle bin when you walked out of a lunch meeting with a water bottle. Chances are, you gave up and just tossed it in the trash. Not anymore.

Now you'll be able to spot green recycle bins for hard plastics and metals wherever you go. This means a place to put pop cans, soup cans, yogurt cups, freezer meal trays and even the plastic silverware that you eat with.

Video: Dumpster diving with Nicole

LiveGreen, Facilities and Environmental Services have partnered to greatly increase the number of recycle bins on campus. We're going from 105 to 780. Don't grab a calculator, it's 675 more bins.

"This is something that the UNMC campus has been asking about for a long time," said Melanie Stewart, chair of the LiveGreen Committee. "We are excited to make recycling easier for employees."

You'll find the bins in all kitchenettes, vending areas, common areas, most class and conference rooms, as well as other high traffic locations. To be clear: Any metal can be placed in these containers along with any 'rigid' plastic (don't bother looking for a number).

Check out the video link above, "Dumpster diving with Nicole," for examples of what's now recyclable.

Please treat the recycle bins at work as you would treat one in your home. Remove food and drink so it doesn't smell, leak or attract bugs. That said, don't feel the recyclable needs to be squeaky clean before you toss it in the bin. Small amounts of residue are fine. (The recycling process washes or burns off these amounts anyway.)

Things that cannot be recycled in the bins include:

  • Cellophane, plastic bags and plastic wrap.
  • Styrofoam (This includes the black plates from the cafeteria.)
  • Glass.

Paper should still be recycled separately and placed in the blue deskside recycling bins or carts. Cardboard should still be broken down and placed next to the blue paper bins or the location designated for your area.

More information can be found on the LiveGreen website. Questions should be directed to LiveGreen. LiveGreen also is hosting contests to celebrate the launch of all the bins. Check tomorrow's edition of UNMC Today for details.


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Elizabeth Fiala
November 18, 2013 at 12:59 PM

This is wonderful to see, thank you!

Selaba Travis
November 18, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Thank you, Living Green committee, for negotiating this!