LiveGreen: Put a fork in it -- Contest announces winners

picture disc. picture disc.
Morgan Otte Carol Kolar
Question: What do a residency coordinator, security officer, and certified genetic counselor all have in common?

Answer: They are all great at guessing the number of recyclable forks in the containers and are winners of LiveGreen polos.

Adrienne VanWinkle, Jay Clark, and Shelly Nielsen came closest to the correct number of recyclable forks in the bins, and can declare themselves the winners! Morgan Otte, Carol Kolar, and Sidra Akhter came in a close 2nd and are now the proud owners of LiveGreen T-shirts!

Your container totals:
Sorrell Center: 267 forks
1st: Adrienne VanWinkle, 262
2nd: Morgan Otte, 275

Durham Research Center: 213 forks
1st: Jay Clark, 214
2nd: Carol Kolar, 216

Nebraska Cafe: 154 forks
1st: Shelly Nielsen, 156 (won by coin toss)
2nd: Sidra Akhter, 156

Honorable mention goes to Mulele Kalima, Diane White, Landon Berg, Courtney Halsey, Jerrie Dayton and Roxanne Alter for their oh-so-close guesses.

Thanks to everybody who took part in the contest and for all of your efforts to recycle on campus. If you have any questions about recycling, please visit the recycling page on the LiveGreen website, or contact LiveGreen.


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