No space for space heaters on UNMC campus

Although the temperatures have dropped, portable space heaters cannot be used on the UNMC campus to ward off the cold.

Portable space heaters have been banned on the UNMC campus since 2009 because they increase the risk of electrical interruptions, fire and burns.

Space heaters are illegal to use in certain areas of campus per fire codes. In the past fire marshals have levied citations even when they found space heaters that were unplugged and stored.

Space heaters found on campus are removed and taken to the security office. They can be picked up by the owner and taken off campus.

If you feel it is too cold in your area, contact Facilities Management and Planning. Facilities will check the temperature within your work space to see if it is within established standards based on national criteria for temperatures.

Temperature concerns on campus should be reported to the UNMC Facilities help desk at 559-4050.


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