Wellness Wednesday: Children's healthy habits start with parents

The earlier children learn healthy behaviors, the better. Even with infants and preschoolers, exposing children to healthy foods helps them develop a liking for them.

NIH's "News in Health" offers these family-friendly helpful hints for parents:

  • Be a role model. Eat healthy family meals together. Walk or ride bikes instead of watching TV or surfing the Internet.
  • Make healthy choices easy. Put nutritious food where it's easy to see. Keep balls and other sports gear handy.
  • Focus on fun. Play in the park, walk through the zoo. Cook a healthy meal together.
  • Limit screen time on TVs and computers. Avoid eating in front of the TV.
  • Check with caregivers and schools. Make sure they offer healthy food, active playtime, and limited TV and video games.
  • Change a little at a time. If you drink whole milk, switch to 2 percent and later low-fat.


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