UNMC is upgrading emergency notification system

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UNMC is in the process of upgrading the emergency notification system.

The upgrade will ensure that users can be verified and removed from the system once they are no longer associated with the participating organizations. This change requires that all user names in the system must be organizational email addresses.

Messages will be sent out via the system to those whose usernames do not currently conform to this standard and users who do not re-register will be removed from the system. If you already have registered using your organizational email as your username, you do not need to re-register.

Register for UNMC Alerts by logging into UNMC Employee Services - after entering your UNMC NetID or Olympus ID and password. You must have your device with you so you can enter the validation code that will be sent to the device or you will not receive messages. Click on "UNMC ALERTS" on the banner, then click on "Sign-up for UNMC Alerts."

If, after entering your information, you get the same screen with the message "Username already in use. Please select another and try again," you already are registered correctly in the system.

Find more information about UNMC Alerts registration and updates here.

Contact John Hauser at 402-559-7315 with questions.


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