Clinical enterprise update: Transparent communication

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VIDEO: Click here to see the first of what will be consistent weekly updates from the leadership team. This video will only play for users on UNMC campuses.
Clinical Enterprise leaders Bill Dinsmoor and Brad Britigan, M.D., released a message Tuesday to all clinical providers and staff.

Portions of the message included:

"As you know, we are actively taking steps to become one combined clinical enterprise. We hear you and know you are asking 'How will this look, and what does it mean for me?' While we don't have all the answers yet, our leadership team and staff members are in the process of gathering detailed information enterprise-wide to find these answers and we will share them with you as soon as we know more.

"In the meantime, please know that any changes to positions, job activities, or reporting relationships that will result from Performance Improvement transformational work and/or legal integration will be conducted following these principles: honesty, transparency, fairness, equity, and equal opportunity for employment."

In the letter, Dr. Britigan and Dinsmoor said the clinical enterprise is committed to timely, clear and transparent communication throughout this transformation. In January forums, a number of changes that will be occurring over the coming months were previewed.

The letter asked recipients to stay tuned for invitations to attend events to learn about these changes and what they mean for providers and staff.

Informational outlets will include:



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