LiveGreen: For Earth Week, a do-it-yourself challenge

picture disc.
The LiveGreen challenge: Adapt an item destined for the dump for a creative new use.
Of the three ecological Rs, "reduce" and "recycle" are the more well-known -- but let's talk about our old friend in the middle, "reuse."

If you're on Pinterest nowadays, you may have seen the how old t-shirts can be turned into headbands, purses and rugs or how old entertainment centers are transformed into killer kitchen sets for kids.

The LiveGreen committee hopes to harness this "reusable" phenomenon and will hold a contest as part of the Earth Week celebration here on campus the week of April 21-25.

We're challenging med center employees and students to keep worn and weary items out of the landfill, and give them a second chance at life. From "ew" to "new," from "old" to "bold," from "I'll pass" to "kick" -- you get the point.

So maybe you've already pinned something on Pinterest that would be perfect for this project. Great, go for it. If you need more inspiration, here are some links to help get the ideas flowing. They include everything from a ladder turned bookshelf to a computer turned mailbox.

To enter, complete your project and send an email to LiveGreen with a photo and description of your entry by April 15. If you have a "before" photo, please include it as well.

A few contest rules:

  • No project is too large or too small.
  • You can submit multiple entries.
  • Have fun with this.

All submissions will be compiled into a photo album where individuals can vote for their favorites. The entry with the most votes by the end of Earth Week will win a "green" prize. (Not money, but you can always hope.)

Ready, set, reuse!


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