Women's History Month: Medical pioneers

picture disc.
Mari Sandoz's "Miss Morissa"
March is Women's History Month. To note the occasion as the month draws to a close, UNMC Today offers this quiz on notable women in medicine, both nationally and in Nebraska. For answers, click on the links provided.

  • Which Nebraska native was the first Native American woman to become a physician in the United States? See answer here.
  • Which Omaha Medical College graduate -- the first female graduate of the college -- is frequently mentioned as an inspiration for the Mari Sandoz novel "Miss Morissa," and possibly for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?" See answer here.
  • What Civil War-era woman doctor is the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor? See answer here.
  • Who was the first woman ever to receive a medical degree in the United States? See answer here.
  • What UNMC College of Medicine graduate has become a well-known television medical expert? See answer here.


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