A HIPAA message -- encrypted e-mail

HIPAA, the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996," provides federal protection of patient health information. This HIPAA-related message is part of UNMC's continued effort to educate employees. Today's HIPAA message explains encrypted e-mail.

Question: What is encrypted e-mail and why is it being installed?

Answer: The Nebraska Medical Center, UMA and UNMC will be implementing an encrypted e-mail system within the campus electronic mail systems. Simply put, the system is necessary to safeguard our patients' privacy and others to whom we communicate protected health information (PHI). Encrypted e-mail is the translation of e-mail data into a secret code. To read an encrypted e-mail, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to translate (decrypt) it. E-mail sent BETWEEN individuals with an address of nebraskamed.com or unmc.edu will not be impacted because this e-mail does not traverse the Internet.

Regular Internet e-mail can be intercepted and read (think of it as a postcard going through the US Postal Service). Encrypted e-mail cannot be easily intercepted (think of it as a letter inside of an envelope.)

Watch for more information about implementation in April.

Additional information about the new secure e-mail system can be found at:

The Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center

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