Alpha Omega Alpha elections announced

Alpha Omega Alpha elections were held earlier this month at the annual business meeting. The following students, house officers, faculty and alumni members were nominated. Their official induction into the honorary medical society will occur in the spring.

Christopher Cederberg (class of 2004)
Brenda Chrastil (class of 2004)
Brian Farrell (class of 2004)
Erin Rose (class of 2004)
Bruce Smith (class of 2004)

Neena Agarwal (class of 2003)
Michael Bryan (class of 2003)
Michael Duffy (class of 2003)
Tracy Ediger (class of 2003)
Sarah Eich (class of 2003)

Kimberly Franzen (class of 2003)
Molly Johnson (class of 2003)
Mark Kearns (class of 2003)
Matthew Mendlick (class of 2003)
Kristen Moore (class of 2003)

Jeffrey Nienaber (class of 2003)
Amy Jo Paysen (class of 2003)
Sasha Shillcutt (class of 2003)
Geoffrey Talmon (class of 2003)
Joseph Ursick (class of 2003)

House Officers:
G. Matthew Longo, M.D., surgery
Daniel Tomes, M.D., neurosurgery
Sharon Stoolman, M.D., pediatrics

Mark Rupp, M.D., internal medicine
Robert Binhammer, Ph.D., Genetics, cell biology & anatomy

Carl Smith, M.D, OB/GYN
Charles Vacanti, M.D., Boston, Mass.