CLS staff gives Peoplesoft admissions programs good reviews

The PeopleSoft system has earned good reviews from the School of Allied Health Profession's Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program, which recently used the new system for its admissions cycle.

PeopleSoft -- the new student information system for the University of Nebraska and the three state colleges -- automated time-consuming manual tasks, such as gathering and copying letters of references and calculating grade point averages.

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The School of Allied Health Professions Clinical Laboratory Science Program recently completed its first admissions cycle using the PeopleSoft system. The system helped automate time consuming tasks and will help speed up the admissions process for staff and applicants, allied health staff said.
This saved time for applicants, faculty and staff, said Anne Constantino, director of student affairs in the School of Allied Health Professions.

"Our experience with PeopleSoft has been a good one. As the system develops and we become more experienced in using it, our business processes will become more efficient and more effective," Constantino said.

The program freed up CLS staff to spend more time in applicant evaluation and less time in administrative functions, said Linda Fell, director of the CLS program.

Several other UNMC programs use PeopleSoft for admissions including:

  • Graduate Studies;
  • School of Allied Health Professions programs aside from physician assistant (PA) and physical therapy (PT);
  • Undergraduate Nursing; and
  • Dental hygiene.

UNMC's other programs -- which include the M.D., Pharm.D., D.D.S, and the SAHP's PA and PT programs -- will continue to use national online application services. Applicant data from these programs will be converted into PeopleSoft after the decision making process is complete.

"We're glad to see CLS had a positive experience with PeopleSoft and I'm sure as implementation of the system continues, many others will find it to be a powerful tool for admissions and other processes," said Cheryl Thompson, Ph.D., associate professor in the College of Nursing.

Implementation of the key components of the PeopleSoft system is planned for this Fall.

When complete, the PeopleSoft system will handle student information needs for all university and state college students, including course schedules, registration, financial aid and grades.