Roster for push up challenge grows, still time to sign up!

A world-class neurodegenerative researcher and "the push-up queen" were among Wednesday's additions for Friday's push up challenge to raise money for the UNMC Haitian Relief and Outreach Fund.

The researcher -- Howard Fox, M.D., Ph.D., professor in the department of pharmacology and experimental neurosciences (PEN) -- joined the challenge thanks to some thoughtful graduate students who signed him up.

How to donate

Donations can be made online or through the mail at:
Omaha Office of the University of Nebraska Foundation
2285 S. 67th St. Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68106

Also, UNMC public relations staff members will be on hand Friday for those who want to donate then.

When donating through the mail or at the event on Friday, make checks payable to the University of Nebraska Foundation and write "Haiti" in the memo line.

The "push up queen" is Lori Dawson -- a UNMC Physicians medical assistant described by colleagues as "maybe 5 foot tall, 85 pounds and ready to show up her male competition."

There's still time to get into the challenge, which will take place at noon in the Durham Outpatient Center West Atrium. To sign up, just contact Chuck Brown at cdbrown@unmc.edu or 559-8329, then get some sponsors and show up on Friday.

The roster for the challenge as of Wednesday afternoon was as such:

All participants seek sponsors to raise money for the Haiti fund, which supports UNMC's volunteer efforts in the earthquake-ravaged nation. Sponsors can pledge to give on a per-push up basis (example: $2 per push up) or simply pledge a flat donation.

To sponsor any of the above participants, click on his or her name and send an e-mail that outlines how much you will give.


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