Wellness Wednesday - Introducing the 'High 5' fruit and vegetable program

picture disc.UNMC will kick off a five-week fruit and vegetable program for employees on March 29.

The program -- which runs until May 2 -- sprung from Wellstream Health Risk Assessment (HRA) aggregate data that showed employees wanted to improve healthy eating habits and improve overall nutrition.

All employees are invited to color their diets with 4.5 cups total of fruits and vegetables per day through this fun challenge!

The challenge will help employees learn about five different colors of fruits and vegetables, one color for each week.

"High 5's" for creativity, participation

Participants are encouraged to contribute their favorite, creative recipes pertaining to the color(s) of the week by e-mailing then to hlenz@unomaha.edu. Each week, the UNMC Wellness Committee will choose the "most creative" team of the week, which will be awarded a complimentary colorful fruit and vegetable tray!

Also, participants who see others taking part in the challenge are encouraged to greet them with "High 5's."

Participants will receive e-mails on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week with information such as:
  • Grab and go sack lunch ideas;
  • Quick and easy recipe ideas;
  • Helpful Web sites;
  • Education about in-season fruits and vegetables;
  • How to store fruits and vegetables for that particular color of the week and so much more!

To get started:

  • Pick a team captain who will gather names and e-mails of team members;
  • Download this registration form, fill it out and send it to Heather Lenz by fax at 559-9609 or by e-mail to hlenz@unomaha.edu by Friday, March 26;
  • On Monday, March 29, team members will start logging their daily fruit and vegetable consumption on a fruit and vegetable log sheet.