Lookin' at U - Sherman Petite

picture disc.Quick, think of five things others should know about you.

That's the theme behind a series in UNMC Today called "Lookin' at U."

Each Thursday, we randomly select a medical center employee to feature.

This week, we feature Sherman Petite, graduate recruiter/retention specialist in student affairs.

picture disc.
Sherman Petite
Here, in his own words, are five fun facts about Sherman:

  • Growing up in Natchitoches, La., I have always been a person that would rather learn how to do something, rather than being handed a finished product. The phrase "watch and learn" is my life. I learned to ride a bike, swim, skate, fish and wash/fold clothes the correct way all on my own.

  • In my family, I am the youngest of seven brothers and sisters, and I am the only one who graduated from elementary, junior high and high school; went to college and got an associate, bachelors and graduate degrees and then received a combat medic certificate from the Army.

  • I have traveled to Mexico, Honduras and twice to Germany, and have been to 45 of the 50 states in the U.S.

  • I took a class in music appreciation my freshman year in college and discovered how much I enjoy listening to music. I enjoy it so much I have turned it into a hobby.

  • My long term goal is to build a YMCA type after-school program for the youth and community. This interest began in the ninth grade when I coached basketball in the Special Olympics.

Read UNMC Today next Thursday to see who is featured in the next Lookin' at U article. Who knows - it could be U.