Changes announced to campus energy policy

Technological advances in temperature control have allowed UNMC to make minor adjustments to its energy policy.

The complete policy, which first was implemented during the energy crisis of 1975 and updated several times in the 1980s, can be viewed online.

Below, Rick Kmiecik, director of strategic energy initiatives, discusses the changes to the policy.

What are the biggest changes in the latest policy?

For more information

For questions about the energy policy, contact:

  • Rick Kmiecik, director of strategic energy initiatives, at 402-559-3679; or
  • John Larson, manager of energy systems operation, at 402-559-5283.

There are actually very few changes to the policy. The latest policy emphasizes a stronger commitment to energy conservation and campuswide compliance by UNMC faculty and staff. A minor change regarding the temperature being maintained for cooling purposes was specific to the general use areas such as corridors, open spaces and classrooms. The previous policy stated the temperature was to be maintained at 76 degrees for cooling requirements. Now in general use areas, the temperature shall be maintained at 74 degrees -- plus or minus two degrees -- for cooling requirements.

Why was the policy changed?

Technology has changed and we now have the ability in a lot of our buildings to provide more accurate temperature control while using less energy.

What actions can employees take to help comply with the policy?

Take ownership and be aware of how you the employee can help manage energy in your area through conservative thermostat settings and efficient use of lighting and other power devices.

What else should employees know about the changes?

This campus has many temperature control systems and all of them react in various ways. In the coming months, we will work to inform employees about their various system types and ways that they can conserve energy based on that specific building's system.


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