Enhanced Thank 'U' program starts Monday

Next week, UNMC rolls out the enhanced Vital Thank 'U' program.

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Employees who get six Vital Thank 'U' awards for a particular brand value will receive the Vital Pin that corresponds with that value.
The Vital Thank 'U' program is an updated version of the Thank 'U' employee appreciation program that has been in operation at UNMC for several years.

As has been done previously, employees will be able to send fellow employees Thank 'U' awards for excellent service. Recipients will continue to receive cards as well as medallions that can be redeemed for gifts and services.

What's new?

The enhanced program will reward employees who demonstrate UNMC's brand values of:

  • Leadership;
  • Team;
  • Resource; and
  • Excellence.

How does it work?

When employees go to the ESS website to send Thank 'U' awards, they will be asked to check a box that corresponds to the brand value that the award recipient demonstrated and also write a description of what the recipient did to receive the award.

Employees who receive the awards will get a Vital Thank 'U' award card along with the UNMC medallions, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other services. Each calendar year, an employee can send 12 medallions and redeem 10.

Once a person receives six "Thank U" awards for a particular brand value, they will be sent a "Vital Pin" to recognize their continued demonstration of that value. Those who receive Vital Pins also will be recognized in UNMC Today.

Why the change in the program?

The Vital Thank 'U' program aims to:

  • Recognize employees for their demonstration of our brand values; and
  • Raise awareness of how often these values are on display in our day-to-day activities.

Who gets the rewards?

Anyone may request that a Vital Thank 'U' award be sent to a deserving colleague.

Still valid

PLEASE NOTE: Thank 'U' medallions received prior to Monday's start of the enhanced program are valid and can still be redeemed for gifts and services.

Want more information?

Email employeerelations@unmc.edu for more information or if you have questions about the enhanced Vital Thank 'U' program.


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Dee Ernesti
March 06, 2014 at 7:37 PM

I can not access the embedded link---the ESS tab as well as the enhanced Vital Thank you tabs all produce an error message saying this link is no longer available.